Correction: Key information relating to the cash dividend

Oslo, 25 August 2022

With reference to the stock exchange notice published at 07:40 on 22 August, 2022 (message ID 569217), the payment date has been changed to on or about 1 November 2022. The change is due to the requirement of an EGM and creditor notice in order to reduce the par value per share to a minimum. A reduction in the par value per share will enable the Company to distribute an additional approx. NOK 0.50 per share as a repayment of paid-in capital.

Dividend amount: NOK 1.50 per share

Declared currency: NOK

Last day including right: 23 August 2022

Ex-date: 24 August 2022

Record date: 25 August 2022

Payment date: On or about 1 November 2022

Date of approval: 27 April 2022 (AGM)


Erik A.S. Frydendal, CEO,, Ph.: +47 957 72 947

Lars M. Brynildsrud, CFO,, Ph.: +47 932 60 882

This information is published in accordance with the requirements of the

Continuing Obligations.